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ELWAVE 7.1 release notes

Release date:  December 15, 2003
Platforms:       Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

This release of ELWAVE 7.1 contains the following new features:

  • Expert Advisor (optional module)
    The new Expert Advisor is one of the highlights in version 7.1. By proving a clear explanation of the analysis results in plain English it greatly simplifies using the software. The Expert Advisor can be started by clicking the yellow balloon icon. These is a choice of commentary ('English' in the pre-release CD-ROM) or a specific 'Trading' setting that can spot trading opportunities.

  • Full support for eSignal datafeed (requires UDS ServerFeed module)
    Our UDS ServerFeed module now offers seamless support for the eSignal TurboFeed datafeed. If you already have an eSignal account, please contact us to have the UDS ServerFeed module enabled. If you do not already have an eSignal account please visit for options.

  • Quote Monitor
    ELWAVE 7.1 features an integrated Quote Monitor. At present this works only with eSignal and FXtrek data feeds. Support for other real time feeds will be added later.

  • Scanning Standard Professional
    The Scanning Standard module now offers all the functionality previously offered by the Scanning Professional module. This means that you have more criteria to scan on. If your license includes the Intraday module you can also scan Intraday data files.

  • MetaStock 8.0
    Support for the MetaStock file format has been updated to include full support for version 8.0 data files .

  • Full support for datafeed
    Our UDS ServerFeed module now also supports (QCharts) From Lycos Finance. Please contact us for information on how to enable the UDS ServerFeed module.

  • Templates
    Templates are also new in version 7.1 and allow you to specify any set of indicators and indicator panes and charting style to be applied to any newly loaded chart. The Batch Processor, which can be used to analyze a long list of charts overnight also respects any indicators present in the chart and leaves these untouched. If you reload a saved .elw scenario file chart it will not be affected by the currently selected template.

  • Screens
    Screens can now contain unsaved charts and also the new Quote Monitor windows. Please note that if you do save charts as .elw scenarios or if you have the automatic scenario management enabled, screens will refer to the saved scenario files. This means that these charts will load exactly the way you left them and are not affected by the currently selected template.

  • Wave Tree, Wave Inspector and Summary Inspector
    The Wave Tree, Wave Inspector and Summary Inspector windows are now docked instead of floating, making it easier to arange chart windows, quote monitor windows for example using the 'Tile Horizontally' and 'Tile Vertically' functions.