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ELWAVE 7.1a release notes

Release date:  May 13, 2004
Platforms:       Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

This maintenance release of ELWAVE 7.1 contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Full support for Tai-Pan Realtime (required UDS ServerFeed module)
    Tai-Pan Realtime from Lenz+Partner is one of the leading providers of realtime data in Germany. Our UDS ServerFeed now offers seamless support for this datafeed. You can order the UDS ServerFeed module through our website

  • False security alerts from software Firewalls (Norton, ZoneAlarm etc)
    Some software firewalls, including several Norton packages and ZoneAlarm, would trigger false security alerts because of strictly local network connections between ELWAVE, UDS (Universal Data Server) and datafeed-specific plug-ins. These components have all been modified to prevent this from happening. Hardware based firewalls and filtering routers (for example using NAT) were never affected.

  • Dual processor systems
    Previous versions of ELWAVE would not run on Windows 2000 dual processor systems or on Windows XP hyperthreading systems (real dual processor systems running under Windows XP were not affected). This release fixes these problems.

  • Analyse last ? bars feature
    Fixed bug in 'Analyze last ... bars' feature which sometimes caused this feature not to work correctly with an active real time datafeed.

Several other minor bugs were fixed as well. Note: From this release on we will no longer support Windows 95. Please do not try to install this version on Windows 95 systems.