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ELWAVE 6.1 release notes

release date:  June 15, 2001
Platforms:       Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 3.5/4.0, Windows 2000

This release of ELWAVE 6.1 contains the following new features:

  • Trade simulator: an easy to use system to keep track of trades. Both real trades and simulated for training
  • Performance report and Equity curve for your trades
  • Results from the Scan Inspector can now be printed
  • Tick-based (equivolume) charts
  • More support for using symbols instead of names in various places
  • The Batch Processor can now be instructed to analyze only the last N ticks. This speeds up the analysis and when used correctly can result in a more consistent trading method
  • Two new indicators have been added
  • New drawing tool: Gann Fann

The following enhancements

  • The Batch Processor in the Scanning Standard version will now analyze EOD data files with a limited number of duplicate date entries. This prevents the software from assuming a file is intraday if encounters a duplicate date.
  • The Batch Processor will now ignore out-of-order data errors and will simply analyze the data instead of displaying an error message and skipping
  • The DDE feed can now be told to  ignore data coming in on Saturday or Sunday
  • The DDE feed will be automatically reconnected when re-opening an .elw scenario and does not require confirmation to do so.
  • The UDS (Universal Data Setup) is now better integrated into the ELWAVE setup. The Setup procedure of the UDS itself has also been improved.
  • The status bar now displays information about truncated price data and will also display the real index or record number, even if price data was cut-off on the left.
  • Analysis updated trigger signals will only be tested if the ?Automatic analysis update? feature is enabled
  • ELWAVE can now distinguish between Wall$treet Daily and Intraday files
  • ZoomOut improved

This release also fixes a few other minor problems:

  • Assume format for all ASCII files only worked after next select files operation
  • Skip column setting in import ASCII was not remembered correctly
  • Charts would not get printed properly with analysis running in background in Batch Processor
  • Truncate first/last doesn?t restore properly when reloading .elw scenario if only first truncation specified

Special considerations:

The shortcut icon for the old external Batch Processor is no longer installed. The Batch Processor itself is still installed though for those who still wish to use it. It can be found in the ELWAVE program folder and can be run by double clicking it here