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ELWAVE 6.0 with Scanning


Release date:  May 10, 2000
Platforms:        Windows 95,98, NT 3.5, NT 4.0, Windows 2000

This release of ELWAVE 6.0 contains the following features and improvements not found in previous versions:

  1. Scan Inspector (Scanning module required)
  2. Wave detection (Trading Signals module required)
  3. Easier to use Integrated Batch Processor
  4. Universal Data Server
  5. Multilingual ELWAVE
  6. Miscellaneous

1. Scan Inspector

The new Scan Inspector (Scanning module required) is a powerful new addition to ELWAVE that allows you to automatically analyse a list of stocks and scan them for specific conditions such as EASI, Trend, Reward etc. that can be customized according to the user's preference. A few examples of possible condition settings are installed to the system during installation. Please note that these conditions settings are provided as examples only. Prognosis Software Development does not make any claims regarding the profitability or usefulness of these particular condition settings. You are strongly urged to thoroughly test any combination of condition settings before making them a part of your trading strategy. Some criteria are only available with the Scanning Professional module. If you have the free demo of ELWAVE 6.0, only the criteria included with the Scanning EOD module are available.

2. Wave detection

The Summary Inspector now includes a Wave column that indicates which wave is most likely developing at the corresponding time frame. With the new Scanning module, you can also scan for specific waves.

3. Integrated Batch Processor

In response to user requests, we have included a new Batch Processor that is capable of analysing external data files without the need for building .elw scenario files first. Management of batch lists has also been made much easier. If you have the Scanning module these lists are shared between the Batch Processor and Scan Inspector. Analyses started by the Batch Processor can now be run in the background and run at a slightly lower priority level resulting in a better response time for applications interacting with the user.

4.Universal Data Server

Version 1 of the new ELWAVE Universal Data Server supports data from Omega's GlobalServer and Lenz & Partner's TaiPan datafeed.
With the new dataserver you can enter the begin and end data for the stock you would like to analyse, allowing you to analyse the timeframes you like.
In the near future more datafeed will be supported.

5. Multilingual ELWAVE

ELWAVE is now available in 4 languages. With the 6.0 version we have added Simplified Chinese and Italian next to the already existing English and German versions.

6. Miscellaneous

This version includes updated versions of the Sentinel SuperPro hardware lock drivers (5.38.2), an updated version of the Equis MetaStock file access library (7.0.2) and some minor bug fixes.