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Some Testimonials of users ...

Thank you for the fast replies. That really tells a lot of good about you and the company.

I remain very impressed with ELWAVES predictions and ease of use. Why didn't you keep it to yourselves?
D.H., Australia

Monday (1-24-00) and Tuesday (1-25-00) ELWAVE predicted QCOM to have a significant drop. Well it happened 1-26-00. So far this morning it has droped $23.00 to $27.00 and it's still early. What I'm trying to say here is your program would have paid for itself if my friend had taken the warnings.

You have kindly answered all my questions. ELWAVE's technical support certainly excells.
S.B., -

I am enjoying my test of ELWAVE. It is an excellent product.

ELWAVE is the greatest technical analysis program I know.
J.B., Sweden

Have just finished reading your webpage "The Elliott Wave Principle" and "Trading the Elliott Wave".
BRAVO! Beats anything Prechter's book ever said, or didn't say.

I am impressed with your software's ability to pick long term trends.

You smart guys have to take it a little easy on the "oude jenever" when you write these fabulous programs...stay well.

I've been working with the program for a couple of days now. I have to say that from what I've seen so far, I think you've blown A.G. away. I would say that our members will be very interested.

I must congratulate you for a fine piece of work you did with Time and Target Zones. Since I bough it I am no longer in dark as comes to finding out possible support or resistance. This module, actually pinpoint to the day a recent Gold sell-off.
P.J.G., Canada

I've downloaded the new Elwave version 5a. It is magnificent!!!

I just love your product and how it works; it's a dream come true. I just can't praise you and the product too much.

I have trailled Elwave for 2 weeks and it is super. I currently have significant (profitable) trades open utilising its analysis. My trial version expires at the end of January and it is essential that I receive the full version, with target clusters, before my trial expires.
G.W. Australia

I love the software- it's making me a bundle of money.

I am a software developer by profession and had been working to build my own Elliott Wave application in my spare time, but when I saw what you had developed I could see no point in continuing. My hat is off to you?Congratulations!

Taking this opportunity, I would like to say that ELWAVE 5.0 is the best wave market analysis software I saw before. I used long time W.W. and E.W.A. 6.1, but results are not comparable with ELWAVE 5.0.

Congratulations again for the amazing precision of your software ! I have been using it on a daily basis for eight months now, on the CAC 40, SP 500, UST-Bond, Gold and Euro-Dollar, in conjuction with participation indicators (Advance decline and new highs new lows). I must say that the counts are far better than any other software (like A.G. or W.W.), and Target Clusters are very powerfull tools.
J.G., France

Having now studied more deeply, I am amazed at how expressive the ELWAVE software is to the Elliott principles. Each time I study some new feature I can better understand why the emphasis, feature or choice is included in ELWAVE. A truly remarkable product.

Your software is fantastic. It has given me the opportunity to even think about applying wave theory. With Elliott, the hardest part is to get started. With a starting point, which ElWave provides, I can concentrate on interpretation and allow imagination and creativity to have it's play. The interface is really intuitive and pleasurable to use. Zooming and scrolling and detail slidebars are much appreciated...Having now studied more deeply, I am amazed at how expressive the ELWAVE software is to the Elliott principles. A truly remarkable product. ...
Edward Perry, USA

So far I am very impressed. The program has certainly forced me to learn the Elliott Wave Theory far more effectively than anything I have read or tried before. It certainly won't let you make sloppy analysis. ...
First, I am impressed with the thought and work that has gone into this program. The signals are well thought out and very logically presented. ..... Once you have the time projections in ELWAVE it will be the best package available.
Bill Bell, Canada

Saturday, in very short time I installed it and I showed it to my friends.Everybody was enthusiast ! I hope in the next future, to convert some friends of mine to don't use the Advanced Get but the Elwave...
Actually, the Elwave gives me a lot of satisfactions during the trading and I want to say "Thank you very much" to have produced it.
Franco Poggi, Italy

I posted a note to GET users on the internet and recommended Elwave. Two of my friends in the Toronto area asked me about it so I know people read it.Don't know if they ordered from you though. I had said that your counts were far better than GET's
Gary Burton, Canada

The program is great keep up the good work... I whole heartly agree that Elwaves is the better program out on the market ... once again. you have been most helpful....thanks
Gary Newberry, USA

I have used Elwave 3.0 for a week. Thank you very much for designed this powerful software and I am honor of owning it. I know people need a software can apply elliott wave principle well. It should be ELWAVE now!
Mak Tung, Hong Kong

Elwave 4(a) has performed wonderfully.I tend to trade 1 to 2 times in a week or two,all of my trades have so far resulted in profits.
Joe Maisano, Australia

I have to congratulate you about the nice Elliott Wave Analyse software you made. It`s a very nice tool based on a mathematical model.
Patrick Beaufay, The Netherlands