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ELWAVE 6.2 release notes

release date:  April 4, 2002
Platforms:       Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

This release of ELWAVE 6.2 contains the following new features:

Support for RealTick realtime datafeed

This beta release of ELWAVE features full support for RealTick datafeed from Townsend Analytics, provided the Intraday module is enabled in your copy of ELWAVE and you have a RealTick datafeed. If you do not get your RealTick data directly from Towensend Analytics, you may also need to add 'TASRVAPPS' to your RealTick subscription. Ask your data vendor to enable "Toolkit apps" or "third party apps" support for your subscription.

To use this new feature, select 'Scenario|New|From UDS…' in ELWAVE and select RealTick as shown below:

You can set the start date, end date and the resolution for the data to import. To enter a symbol directly, double-click 'Manual…', type the symbol and click OK to obtain a list of all matching symbols. Symbols are case-sensitive! To get a chart from Intel Corporation for example, enter INTC, not intc. Select the symbol you want and click OK to load the chart. Alternatively, you can double-click entries A to Z to obtain a list of all items that start with that letter.


  • For 1 minute bars, a maximum of 11 days of historical data is available from RealTick server.
  • To get more history, choose 5 minute, 10 minute etc.
  • RealTick support is available as a separate optional module. For information on pricing please check our web site.
  • The UDS RealTick interface, with some modifications, will be merged into the main ELWAVE application for more immediate access in a later release

The following enhancements

  • Improved support for Keyword Wall$treet data. Dutch/Nederlands: ELWAVE leest nu alle data van een fonds in, inclusief de data die is binnengekomen na de laatste dagverwerking door Wall$treet.
  • New drivers for hardware lock for improved Windows XP compatibility
  • ELWAVE can now distinguish between Wall$treet Daily and Intraday files and remembers last used
  • Better support for Forex traders by increasing the number of digits shown
  • Fixed problem with Fibonacci pane error message

This release also fixes a few other minor problems:

  • Fixed problem with Fibonacci pane error message
  • Fixed the 'Check signals' option in the Analysis options dialog
  • Fixed problem with ASCII format being unknown when reloading an .elw scenario file the first time after being created
  • Fixed problem with ELWAVE suggesting an incorrect filename (with extension .prn) when saving a scenario for the first time if the original datafile is in ASCII format
  • ELWAVE now remembers last used category for TC2000 4 and Keyword Wall$treet.
  • Several other minor problems