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New features in ELWAVE 5.2


Release date:  January 6, 2000
Platforms:        Windows 95,98, NT 3.5, NT 4.0

This release of ELWAVE 5.2 contains the following features and improvements not found in previous versions:

  1. German version
  2. Automatic Y2K datafixing for non-Y2K compliant data
  3. Audible alerts
  4. Improved setup for Windows NT
  5. Automatic backup of Metastock 3.51 files
  6. Fixed bugs

1. German version

ELWAVE is now available in two languages: English and German. From our web site, you can choose which language to download by selecting the appropriate link. Since this is our first German release, there may be a few places where the original English text has not been translated into German. These will mostly be obscure error message that do not usually occur. If we do find any of these messages you can be sure they will be translated in the next release.

2. Automatic Y2K datafixing for non-Y2K compliant data

ELWAVE has been Y2K-compliant since version 1.0, but the data supplied by your data vendor might not. ELWAVE 5.2 has an automatic Y2K datafix built-in that will check your data for Y2K integrity and fix it if necessary.

3. Audible alerts

To help you monitor the market more effectively, we now have included three standard sounds:
- A triggerline alert: trigger.wav
   When the market crosses your triggerline, ELWAVE will alert you by     playing the trigger.wav.
- A trendline alert: trend.wav
If the market hits the trendline, ELWAVE notifies you by playing the    trend.wav
- DDE-disconnect alert: Dde-disc.wav
Should your real time dde-link with ELWAVE get disconnected, not    only will this show on the top of your chart, but also an audible alert    will be given so that you can get the feed up and running again as    quickly as possible.

You can customize the sounds by using your own *.wav files. Go to the ELWAVE51 folder and rename your own *.wav into one of the ELWAVE *.wav files.
The alert can be shut off by simply deleting the *.wav file in the ELWAVE51 folder.

4. Improved setup for Windows NT

The installation of ELWAVE for Windows NT is now as simple as the Windows 95/98 setup. At the press of a button ELWAVE and the sentinel driver for NT is installed in seconds.

Note: Always make sure the you are logged on as an 'administrator', else you might not be authorized to make certains additions to your system, required for running ELWAVE properly. Contact your networkadministrator if you don't have the authorization to make such changes.

5. Automatic backup of Metastock 3.51 files

Before ELWAVE overwrites an existing Metastock 3.51 datafile, it will automatically make a backup of the original datafile. The *.bak file can be found in the same directory as the original datafile. Should the original datafile get corrupted, simply change the *.bak into *.dat.
This feature was already available for ASCII-datafiles.

6. Fixed bugs

The following bugs have been found in previous versions, and have now been fixed:
- log10/sing error
- calculation error detected caused by the custom compression mode
- blank screen when scrolling the chart after an analysis