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ELWAVE 5.0 Target Clusters
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ELWAVE 5.0 Target Clusters


Special Offer

The module price of the TARGET CLUSTERS module has been set at $250. If you purchase a full end-of-day or intraday package you are entitled to a 50% discount on the TARGET CLUSTERS module, so this module will only cost $125.

The TARGET CLUSTERS module requires the full End Of Day or Intra day version, which consists of the BASIC, AUTOMATIC and TRADING SIGNALS modules (plus Intra day for full Intra-day version) to run. The 50% discount only applies to this full version, not the Trial version of ELWAVE.

New features in "Target Clusters" module

Target zones
Combines Fibonacci time and price targets in combination with wave count alternatives to project an expected path for future price movements. In addition hot spots are visualized in the chart which show high probability target zones where prices are expected to travel to.

Below we give an example of this new feature:

ELWAVE 5.0 Target Clusters screenshot
(click image to see full 1280x1000 picture. 107KB)

Time clusters
Now Fibonacci time clusters can be displayed in an indicator pane. These clusters project sensitive time periods where important reversals are more likely. The more clusters near a specific date the better the chances that the market will reverse from a top or bottom.
These time clusters can be based on the patterns found by the automatic Elliott analysis or on a user defined swing filter and Fibonacci ratios. It is a very interesting research tool for determining at what point in time important changes can occur.

New Basic functionality

EASI (Elliott Advanced Signal Indicator) indicator in stead of the "ADVICE" column. Essentially the same information is presented but differently to make clear the Summary Inspector is a tool, not a black box with buy and sell signals.

Metastock 6.5 supported

TC 2000 4.0

Keyword data format

Elliott histogram

User customizable Color charts

Stock split

Improved printing

Printing of Summary inspector together with chart

Improved analyse wave degree

Improved memory management

Improved real time feed support