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ELWAVE 7.0 release notes

Release date:  December 5, 2002
Platforms:       Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

This release of ELWAVE 7.0 contains the following new features:

  • Greatly improved analysis engine
    The Elliott Wave analysis engine that is at the heart of ELWAVE has always been recognized as being the best around. Now with this release of ELWAVE comes a new analysis engine that is even better than the previous, providing more detailed and more stringently checked wavecounts than ever. In particular what you will notice is that wave degrees are now calibrated to a specific percentage of growth to correlate closely with the magnitude of wave degrees as defined in literature. Apart from improving the analysis itself this offers new ways to use the software, in particular when used in conjunction with the Scan Inspector. By defining your scanning criteria for a specific wave degree you can now focus on those trades that concur with your investment horizon. For those customers who have incorporated their current ELWAVE version in their trading system setup it is still possible to switch back to the old engine to yield analysis results identical to those found by ELWAVE 6.2.

  • Quick Symbol Entry Toolbar
    Instead of using 'Scenario|New|From?' you can now use the Quick Symbol Entry Toolbar to quickly open any chart without using the mouse! Just start typing the symbol and the Quick Symbol Entry Toolbar will automatically take the focus, then press enter to load the chart. For UDS based dataformats the symbol entry is exactly that, so you will need to enter the exact and complete symbol in order for this to work. For some other formats, including MetaStock and KeyWord WallStreet this entry field works as a search field: if you type something for which there is more than one match a list will be shown from which to select.

  • Automatic Scenario management
    The first time you load a new chart in ELWAVE 7.0 you will notice that you are asked if you want ELWAVE to automatically generate and maintain an .elw scenario file for your chart. If you choose yes, a scenario file is generated automatically to store your analysis results, trendlines and other settings. This scenario file is also reloaded if you enter the corresponding symbol in the Quick Symbol Entry toonbar. When combined with a properly configured datafeed this allows you to completely forget where your files are stored: just enter the appropriate symbol and you will get back the chart as you last saw it. You will also no longer be asked if you want to save changes when closing a scenario as this is now down automatically.

  • Automatic Analysis on open chart
    The second question that ELWAVE 7.0 will ask you if you open a new chart for the first time is if you want an automatic Elliott Wave analysis to be performed (requires Automatic module). By selecting yes and checking the 'Remember choice' ELWAVE will perform an analysis any time you open a new chart.

  • Batch Processor preserves existing Scenario settings
    The Batch Processor has been adapted to work together with the new Automatic Scenario Management feature of ELWAVE 7.0. Instead of overwriting the scenario created by ELWAVE the Batch Processor will now load the existing scenario, without the previous analysis (to save time) but with any indicators you may have added to the scenario.

  • Toolbar with various buttons
    A toolbar has been added to provide direct access to some often used functions: Save, Analyse, Print, Target Zones, Scan Inspector. Let us know which functions you would like to see added to this list.

  • Full support for Tenfore QuoteSpeed realtime datafeed (optional)
    This release of ELWAVE features full support for QuoteSpeed realtime and historical data from Tenfore, provided the Intraday module is enabled in your copy of ELWAVE and you have a subscription to Tenfore QuoteSpeed. Click here for more information.

  • Full support for KeyWord Wall$treet (Dutch/Belgian customers only, optional)
    For Dutch customers/Voor Nederlandse klanten: klik hier voor meer informatie.

  • Improved time axis extrapolation for future dates if imported data is irregular

  • Miscellaneous
    Various other minor problems were fixed in this release.