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Refund Policy


In general Prognosis maintains the policy that no refunds will take place in view of the fact that Prognosis offers many ways of evaluating the software before purchase.

We have several low risk options to evaluate the software:


Our full working demo shows nearly all features, for protection reasons only the files can be read that come with the demo. For the same reason an intraday feed is excluded. The simulation feature is not shown in the demo but in the tutorial.


You could choose to start with ordering the BASIC/Trial version at $80 only. In addition, we will enable the other modules temporarily for evaluation for free. The Basic module will be enabled permanently, but you can always upgrade very quickly to other modules at the prices listed.


We offer a 30 day FULL trial version for a very limited price.This is a full version together with manual. The Basic version will be enabled permanently even after expiration of the trial version.

Prognosis will consider a refund when the software contains bugs that prevent the customer from using it normally, as long as these bugs are not due to bugs in other programs, and not due to the operating system or the hardware nor data of the user. In addition Prognosis must be able to reproduce the bug.
An occasional error while running the software in general is not considered preventing the user from using the software in a normal way.

We require full documentation of the steps taken by the user that caused the error in the software as well as necessary data and scenario files to reproduce the error. Prognosis will acknowledge in writing the reported bug and try to fix it. Although -according to the License agreement -the sole obligation of Prognosis is to provide programming and technical support, Prognosis will refund the customer if it is not able to repair the software within 2 weeks after notification.
In order to be entitled to a refund, bugs must have been reported within a period of 90 days from invoice date.
The intraday module supports a DDE link, but establishing a connection with the real time feed fo the data vendor or uninterrupted operation is not guaranteed.

In our license agreement we state the following under section 9.

9. Programming Service.

(a) Software Licensed "As Is".

Owner licenses all of its programs and materials "as is". Owner does not warrant the operation of the programs to be uninterrupted or error-free. For 90 days from the date of purchase, Owner will use its best efforts to correct any program operation errors upon proper notification. All conditions that caused a suspected defect or error to materialize must be fully documented and reproducible by Owner.
The sole obligations in the event of a defect, at Owner's option, is to provide programming and technical support as necessary to correct the defect.